Service Times
  • Sunday
    • 9:30 AM Adult Bible Study
    • 9:45 AM Sunday School
    • 11:00 AM Sunday Morning Worship Service
Upcoming Events
4/23/2014 - Adult Choir & L.I.T
4/27/2014 - Worship
4/27/2014 - Adult Bible Classes
4/27/2014 - Children Sun. School
4/28/2014 - Bible St. on Malachi
4/30/2014 - Adult Choir & L.I.T
5/4/2014 - Worship

Music Ministry

The mission of the music ministry at First Lutheran is to create opportunities for the congregation to worship God through music and to articulate and enhance the liturgy of Sunday morning worship.  Our program includes the adult chancel choir, the adult chancel ringers, a children’s choir, and a monthly concert series.  


The chancel singers lead the musical portions of the liturgy on Sunday mornings and present an offertory anthem.  During worship each week, the congregation sings traditional hymns with pipe organ, as well as a praise song which is accompanied by guitars.  Other instrumentalists are often included in presenting the music for festival days and holy seasons.  The children meet on various Sunday mornings where the focus is on learning hymns, understanding the liturgy, singing beginning choral music and developing the skills to participate in worship through singing and ringing chimes.  The children participate in worship approximately every six weeks.  All music is planned to reinforce the scriptures for the Lord’s Day. 


“First Tuesdays @ First Lutheran” is a concert series hosted by First Lutheran that highlights musicians from across the community and beyond.  The series runs from September through May each year, and the concerts are held at noon on the first Tuesday of the month.  These concerts are free and open to the public as a gift to the community and serve as an educational tool for children who are nearly always in the audience. 


The music ministry at First Lutheran is led by Elaine Chard, organist and music director.  Ms. Chard is a graduate of Hastings College in Nebraska, and she earned her Master’s Degree in Organ Performance and Sacred Music from the University of Michigan.  She has taught music from elementary school to the university level, private piano and organ, and has performed recitals and led workshops and hymn festivals across the country.  Her life’s passion has been working in church music, serving as organist and music director throughout her professional life.